What is Chain Link Mesh Fencing?

Chain Link Mesh Fencing – is used extensively for boundary fencing but is also recommended for security fencing when it is topped with barbed wire or razor wire for added security.  Chain link mesh fencing is also used for sporting enclosures, safety barriers, screening and partitioning.

  • Security – barbed or razor wire
  • Boundary Fencing;
  • Security Cages and Enclosures;
  • Internal Factory Partitions;
  • Park and Oval Fencing;
  • Tennis Courts;
  • Cricket Net Enclosures;
  • Safety Barrier & Screen Fencing;
  • Gates made to order.

Chain link mesh is manufactured using a variety of different wire types:

  • 2.50mm and 3.15mm diameter heavy galvanised wire
  • 2.50mm and 3.15mm galvanised core PVC coated wire (green or black)

Chain link mesh is manufactured in a number of different diamond sizes ranging from a pitch of 32mm to a pitch of 50mm.  The diamond size varies according to the application – the smaller the pitch of the diamond then the stronger the chain link fabric making it able to withstand high impact such as cricket nets.

Chain link mesh fencing can be built to your specifications – height, length, strength, gates, with top and bottom either knuckle or barb, with or without top and bottom rails.